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Which 3D CAD software is next?

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It’s been some years by now that I have been using 3D CAD software, such as MicroStation from Bentley, Rhino from Rhinoceros, PowerShape from Delcam, and NX from Siemens (formerly known as Unigraphics).

Now that I found myself in the position to make a decision the question was, what software to choose?

No matter what I believe that there is no entrepreneur who would jeopardize the quality of the outcome in pro of cost saving, so I see this question as a very serious and important one. No matter what the result must be accurate and efficient.

After a wide research in the market I came across Evolve from SolidThinking. A hybrid software which combines surface and solid modeling, having a parametric ability in its core proccessment.

After a serious consideration I made the decision to take this new product and use it in my developments, which I must say I’m very please so far.

Soon I will be posting some tutorials having as a goal to help other entrepreneurs such as myself who are looking for a 3D CAD Design solution. Stay tuned.

– Luis Moreira

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