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Human real size Dummy!


For my fellow 3D CAD designers, engineers and designers in general…

Sometimes is difficult to have the right perception of dimensions when look to a rendered image. Sometimes there is a need to have a reference object in a scene to achieve the real perception of size and space.


In order to achieve a more realistic perception of dimension when rendering an object, I have created a model based in a wood dummy commonly used to practice painting.


The model was designed in a human real size dimension, representing a person about 1,8m high. Placing this model in a scene together with other objects we can have a more real idea of how the objects interact with each other.

You can download the 3D model to use in your designs, it is available for free at GrabCAD website. Just click in the following link:

(click here to download)


And if you interested to see the whole gallery you can click in the following link:

(check gallery)


Enjoy it.

– Luis Moreira

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