3d printed lamp

3D printed lamp image



I got a challenge from a former manager to develop an item which would represent the 3D CAD Design area within the department.

What would be an interesting product to present which would fulfill that requirement and at the same time could be useful and attractive? After some reflexion I found the idea of creating a lamp shade as the right answer, and a challenge worth to take.


The whole idea was to create a medium size lamp shade divided in several small parts and put it all together at the end.

I came across with a picture of a snowflake, and since I was placed in the north of Europe sounded very appropriated having in mind the weather conditions in that area.

final product

Once I achieved the design I was looking for, all the parts were prototyped in a 3D printer using thermoplastic technology.

Using standard plastics screws to reduce its weight, all the parts came together creating a big sphere mesh… and here’s the result.

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3D printed lamp image
3D printed lamp image