reverse engineered mouse

3D printed lamp image



Most of 3D CAD Designers have a favorite computer mouse to work, and a colleague of mine is no exception. The day he decided to leave the company we were working for and take other challenges, I’ve decided to do something special he could have.


I disassembled the mouse top cover and have it scanned in 3D. The next step would be to get the geometry to work on and for that I used the software PowerShape from Delcam and reshaped it all in surfaces and remodeled all the inside details.

As a personal “touch” I wanted to have his face engraved on the mouse. For this process I have used a simple picture and with the software ArtCam, also from Delcam, I have created the relief and placed it on the top of the mouse. At this point was ready to send for prototyping in a 3D printer.

final product

At this stage a coat of paint was applied. All parts came back together and it was ready to be used again.

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3D printed lamp image
3D printed lamp image