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Author: Branding & Social Media

Date: 22/11/2023

Moredesigns running shoe

It’s time to show the market what we can achieve in terms of digital samples if we are willing to “think outside of the box”. The media that brands use to present to their customer doesn’t have to be limited to a simple set of images, illustrating virtually, in a traditional matter, how the product will potentially look like.

We can all agree that there are details that fail to be communicated to a customer simply presenting the traditional front view, top view, side view and so on…. It’s time to “break that chain” and step-up our game.

Now you can be in control. You can choose how you want to see your product and present it to your customer. Let’s just imagine… you are in a conference meeting with a customer to present your product, you bring up on a screen a high resolution 3D model, with your own computer mouse you spin and rotate the model exactly at the angle you want to see the product detail, you zoom in and out to see even more detail… how does that sound? And yes, it is possible. Click in the following link and check it out by yourself.


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