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Author: Luis Moreira, Founder & Head of 3D Design

Date: 17/10/2021

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Why running shoes have an extra eyelet hole? Obviously if you are a running enthusiast you probably know the answer already. This post targets the rest of you who still enjoy your jogging on a leisure manner and still wonder what those extra holes for the shoe lace are for. The short answer is… blisters! That’s right. According to several sources, this feature on running shoes are meant to prevent that nasty phenomenal which can be unpleasant for a few days!

Blisters are the result of a three factors combination, heat, moister and friction. While running our body generates heat, on top of that we start sweating, and if your shoe is a bit loose it will occur friction between the shoe lining and your sock or directly with your skin. Now, we can easily avoid this to happen if we remove one of those three factors. Since we can’t avoid the heat and moister, we can however remove friction out of the equation. This is where the extra holes comes in very handy, let’s see how.

As a common practice, when we purchase a pair of shoes for running, it might be wise to get a half size or a full size above the regular size we use. This is a good option to accommodate our feet more comfortably while running, since they tend to lightly swallow due to the physical stress. But once that the shoe is slightly bigger than our feet it means that there will be some loose room and obviously we will not have a good tight fit.

Turns out that extra eyelet is meant to workaround this issue, its purpose is to tie the shoes extra tight with what the running community commonly refers as a "lace lock" or "heel lock" or “racer’s loop” method. Let us show how it’s done:

Moredesigns - running shoe extra hole step 1

Start by lacing your shoe as normally you would do not using that extra holes.

Moredesigns - running shoe extra hole step 2

Insert the shoe lace tip into the extra hole at the same side of the shoe from outside in direction creating a loop.

Moredesigns - running shoe extra hole step 3

Now bring the lace from the opposite side crossing and pass it through the loop from back to front direction. Repeat this step with the opposite lace.

Moredesigns - running shoe extra hole step 4

At this point you can tight your lace till you feel comfortable that you have a tight fit.

Moredesigns - running shoe extra hole step 5

Now you can give it the lace knot as you usually do and make sure it’s well tight.

There you go, now your shoe still has enough room inside for your feet to feel comfortable while running and increases the tension that the top lace applies against the instep of the foot, not allowing your heel to slip up and down, and by consequence removing the friction factor.


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