Vietnam Footwear Summit 2023

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Date: 12/06/2023

We were very excited to have Luis Moreira, our Head of 3D Design at Moredesigns, being invited as a keynote speaker at the 7th Vietnam Footwear Summit 2023. This event was held on the past 8th and 9th of June in HCMC, being organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association (LEFASO), and ECV International.

The discussion had focus on subjects such as the sustainability of the industry, new challenges of Vietnamese footwear during 2023, net-zero carbon emissions, near future changes, challenges of global supply chain and solutions for Vietnam Leather and Footwear Industry, aiming awareness about these important issues and collaborating in finding solutions.

It was overwhelming to have such a powerful group of people participating in the event discussing this subject, such as Mr. Diep Thanh Kiet, Vice Chairman at Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association and Mr. William Wong, Co-founder & Lifetime Honorary Chairman at Federation of Hong Kong Brands, between others, giving us an insight about the current industry status and its challenges, as also a vision about what can be achieved.

We were also very pleased by having world leading brands’ representatives such as Mr. Hari Perumal, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Keen Footwear, and others, providing us with a clear idea about the measures their corporations already have in place and sharing their experience on their development and production journeys in Vietnam.

It was also very interesting and inspiring to listen a younger generation of shoemakers, such as Thomas Armfield, Senior Product Creation Manager at Reebok, sharing their journey within the industry and giving us a fresh insight about the challenges and achievements we can have if we have a focussed mind, persistence and passion.

Luis Moreira has presented his vision about some of the challenges the industry has been facing throughout the last centuries, and with focus on the 3D Design field he has pointed out solutions we already have using existing digital technologies.

Now the outcome… For obvious reasons it’s very perceptive that the market is still facing serious challenging times, striving to overcome the past worldwide events. At the same time, from what was presented by official data, the future seems positive and very promising for the Vietnamese footwear industry, showing signs of a solid growth and a prosperous future. It’s also important to mention that even at a Governmental level, there are already measures to be adopted shortly in order to keep the Vietnamese market competitive towards the neighbor countries. At the same time we must be vigilant about our actions towards environment matters and ensure a compliance with new rules to be adopted throughout the world very soon.


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